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Hand Carved out of wood and hand painted. This is one of the many horses on the carousel in Burlington CO. This Carousel is the 6th of 74 carousels made by the Philadelphia Toboggin CO. It was built in 1905 for Elitch Gardens and purchased by the town of Burlington for $1200 from Elitch Gardens in 1928. The town built a 12 sided building to house the carousel.

This carousel is very ornate and is absolutely beautiful! The animals don't move up and down and the carousel goes around at a rate of 12mph. A normal carousel with moving animals goes only 6mph. Animals include horses, zebras, goats, reindeer, giraffes, a St Bernard, lions, and probably a couple that I'm forgetting.

During the depression the carousel house was used to store grain and hay, completely covering the carousel, horses and other animals. In 1976 the town decided to get the carousel up and running again. They figured 2 years would be plenty of time to fix it up. It took 3.5 million dollars and 25 years. There are 48 oil paintings that were removed one at a time to be cleaned and the animals were cleaned by hand. 95% of the original paint was saved on the animals.

The carousel runs from memorial day to labor day and only costs 25 cents to ride. For more information go to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> You can see pictures of the carousel at Elitch Gardens in 1910 and many other photos of the carousel and restoration.